An innovative and personalized approach to eye care

Vision care that allows you to see the world the way you were meant to see it.
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The status quo is not enough.

Too many eye care providers try to force you into a box for treatment, even if those options may not be right for you.
This only results in:
  • Issues being partially resolved
  • Workplace or classroom performance being hindered
  • Potential conditions and diseases being missed
The bottom line: You deserve individualized care that actually gets to the root of the problem.

The right solution. The first time.

At V EYE P, we know that no two people use their eyes the same way. By completely tailoring a treatment plan to you, we ensure that you leave our office feeling confident that you’re receiving the attention to detail you deserve.
Treating symptoms

Too often, providers only treat the condition. In our book, our job isn’t finished until your symptoms are also kept at bay.

Taking our time

We refuse to be doctors who rush you in and out. Our goal is to make sure issues get resolved.

Leveraging the best

We are constantly mastering how to leverage cutting-edge technology to pinpoint your custom treatment plan.

All-star team

We want to deliver a platinum experience by surpassing expectations during every visit.

“The entire staff was very polite, friendly, and professional. The process was quick and efficient. The equipment was high-tech. Overall 10/10, and I would recommend to anyone in need!”

-Brandon G.

What to expect

Eliminate unnecessary wait times

After you schedule your appointment, we’ll send you pre-appointment surveys so you can experience little to no wait time on the day of your appointment.

Meet the team and get solutions

During your visit, you’ll be seen by team members in all of our departments who will pinpoint the right solutions for you and your lifestyle.

Thorough annual follow-up appointments

Yearly follow-ups help us stay on top of your overall health, in addition to making sure everything’s working properly and improving your treatments and prescriptions as needed.

Exclusive designer eyewear

We understand a large part of eyecare includes making sure you see good, look good, and therefore feel good. This is why we carry the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.
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